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Every young individual in today’s times is so caught up in the busy schedule of his life that finding a compatible life partner becomes a stressful affair for him. He just has no time and energy to spare for the efforts that are needed to find his perfect soul mate. At such times, it is the professional matchmakers who come to his rescue and put him on the path to marital bliss.

There are so many marriage bureaus in Mumbai that it becomes difficult to decide which among them will best fulfill your requirements. It is very necessary for you to select a trustworthy and experienced person in this sector. However, there is one professional matchmaker in Mumbai, who is sure to find a life partner that is compatible to you in all respects. It is none other than Priya Shah, the Matchmaker! 

What makes Priya Shah, the most trusted matrimonial service?

Expertise backed by top qualifications

Priya Shah is equipped with a post graduate degree in the field of marriage consultancy from the U.S. This strong educational base has been responsible in her shaping the destiny of hundreds of young couples. Her painstaking efforts have also been recognized through several awards.

Expansive database of profiles

No professional matchmaker in Mumbai can equal her vast repertoire of clients. The networking connect of Priya Shah is immense. This has enabled her to develop an expansive database of profiles that transcend national boundaries. This helps her to cater to the requirements of overseas clients too.

Detailed gathering of information from clients

Priya Shah gets to know her clients in-depth; their goals, values and aspirations for the future as well as what do they expect from their life partner. She also goes deep into the family background of her clients. Detailed verification of profiles is conducted at her end before they are entered into her database.

She arranges a series of one-on-one meetings with her client so that all information is obtained by her through personal interaction; thus leaving no room for miscommunication of any sorts.

Top priority to confidentiality of client data

Top priority is given to maintaining confidentiality of client information at Priya Shah, the best professional matchmaker in Mumbai. There is absolutely no chance of the information leaking into public domain from her end. This goes a long way in making the client comfortable in registering with her agency.

Passionate about her work

Priya Shah offers guidance and counseling throughout the process of matchmaking. She has genuine passion for her work; the matchmaking process is not just a source of income for her. It is a source of fulfillment of the highest order for her and there is nothing to match her happiness when she succeeds in entwining two compatible souls into the sacred bond of matrimony.

On a summarizing note

The ultimate goal of every professional matchmaker in Mumbai is to obtain a compatible groom or bride for their clients. Priya Shah just puts in more efforts than the rest!


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Dr. Priya Shah - M.A. & Ph.D. in Marriage Consultancy (U.S.A.) providing award winning matrimony service in India and Abroad.