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In India, traditions play an important role in every sphere of life and the matchmaking process is no exception to that. However, the fast paced technological advancements have left their imprint on the model of the matchmaking process. The importance of elderly family members who had a crucial role to play in matchmaking in earlier times has diminished to be replaced by modern marriage bureaus. The Indian marriage bureaus are doing a fine act balancing between the traditional setup and modern technological aids to perform their role of professional matchmakers.

Glimpse of Traditional Matchmaking Process

Earlier, Indian matchmaking was not only about searching for a suitable groom or bride but was also about forming a new association between the two families who came from similar social, intellectual and financial backgrounds. At that time, it was the elderly aunts of the families and the family pundits who used to match-make for the younger family members. Several factors such as religion, caste, horoscopes and financial standing of the families were given top priority during the quest for a suitable life partner. However, as technology advanced, the level of awareness  increased and this made an impact on the matchmaking process.

Contemporary Matchmaking

In today’s times, it is the Indian marriage bureau that decides the future of several individuals seeking to find a near perfect life partner for themselves. Traditional values still hold well with every marriage bureau in Mumbai, however, they are being complimented by technological advancements. Today, the database of the contemporary marriage bureau has transcended national boundaries to include profiles from countries other than India.

The best Indian marriage bureau has become the means to save time and energy for individuals who are caught up between their busy life schedules and wanting to find a perfect soul mate.

Balancing between Tradition & Technology

With the evolvement of society, arranged marriages too have evolved. The changed lifestyles and aspirations of the youth with regard to their life partner are being taken into consideration today. And, the modern marriage bureau in Mumbai has adapted to this change.

Some of the best Indian marriage bureaus are finding compatible partners for their clients by searching for profiles that hold similar goals, values and aspirations. Shared family backgrounds have taken a backseat.  An open environment is provided to the couples to discuss freely their goals and aspirations for the future.  This has helped individuals to obtain partners who hold respect for their heritage as well as share their modern-day outlook.

Every marriage bureau in Mumbai has realized that there is nothing wrong in holding contemporary values alongside cherishing traditional values. It is therefore involved in not only organizing first meets for the couples to get to know each other but also providing guidance and advice throughout the matchmaking process. Technological aids such as video chats and emails have become an integral means of communication in today’s context.

On a Summarizing Note

Today’s Indian marriage bureau is a harmonious blend between tradition and technology. Personal choice of the prospective bride or groom is given prime importance; at the same time family participation still has some say and every marriage bureau in Mumbai works towards achieving a best combination of both the factors.


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