Top Myths Related to Marriage bureaus

 |  Priya shah

New technologies have a significant effect on our lives. On the one hand, it has helped improve our health and lifestyle but on the other hand, it has changed our social life. It has changed the way how marriages are done in the country. Despite of being a conservative society, Indians too are experiencing this change. Unlike before when marriages were arranged by parents and close relatives used to play important role in arranging a marriage. In the current situation, marriages are fixed in different ways. Some people meet their better half at the workplace, some people meet them at a family function, and some people marry their school or college friend. It is a choice of an individual whom they prefer as a life partner. In recent times professional matchmakers play an important role in bringing prospective brides and groom together. There are a lot of marriage bureaus in the country and some of the firms have their online portal also. All people are not comfortable with going to the marriage bureau in Mumbai for finding their life partner. Professional matchmakers charge for their services and a lot of people have a misconception about their services. Some of the misconceptions are as below.

Marriage bureaus are a waste of time

Some people have the misconception that marriage bureaus are a waste of time. The main reason for this misconception is they are not familiar with this type of service. There are a lot of people who are married through the marriage bureau and living successful lives. The traditional background of the people where they have not seen such couples living successful marriages forces them to have this type of misconception. It is equally true that some marriage bureaus charge for their services but people hardly get any result out of it and what they show as a list of the candidate is nowhere near to their liking. People making such mistakes with few unprofessional marriage bureaus develop such misconceptions.

Only rejected candidates are going to marriage bureaus

Some people have a misconception that after failing to get a suitable candidate in their community people are approaching the marriage bureau. People have doubts that people with bad reputations are approaching marriage bureaus and because of the bad reputation they don’t get suitable matches in their community. But the reality is different – highly educated people and parents of qualified candidates also go to the marriage bureau. It is not because they are rejected candidates but because they want to meet the right people which they are not finding in their community or close circle.


Some people believe that the marriage bureaus work for money and for money they can share their personal information with anybody.  People are sharing their details like their photographs, mobile number, address, email id, education details, and sometimes details of their professional life also. Some people are not favoring the idea of sharing their details with marriage bureaus or on their online portal. They believe that their information can be used for harassing them. Their mobile numbers can be misused to call them anytime or send dirty messages, their photographs can be uploaded to social media sites without their consent, and a lot of other unlawful manners. Their fear can turn right in cases of unprofessional marriage bureaus, but some professional marriage bureaus give utmost importance to privacy concerns because they are handling the data of prestigious clients.


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