Challenges and Opportunities for Indian Marriage Bureaus in the Digital Age

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The digital age of today has impacted every aspect of an individual’s life.  The way marriages are arranged today too has changed. The increasing popularity of Indian marriage bureaus and the mushrooming of several matrimonial websites stand testimony to this fact.

In this context, one is led to wonder if the digital age has in any way affected the growth and functioning of Indian marriage bureaus. The following article elucidates how the Indian marriage bureaus have surmounted the challenges and grabbed the opportunities available to them in this age of digitization.

Digitization has brought about a drastic change in the Indian social scene. Nuclear families have become a common feature and marriages which were earlier arranged by the elders of the family have gone out of fashion. Following are some aspects which gave better opportunities to marriage bureaus to develop into much sought after matchmaking sources.

Disintegration of Joint Families

Digitization gave rise to professional matchmakers who were prolific in arranging successful matches for clients. Possible suitors were gauged and verified for their suitability before presenting them to clients. The disintegration of joint families offered an opportunity to Indian marriage bureaus in using their innate skills for designing successful matches.

Handling of client data

The digitized age ushered in the use of lap tops and computers.  This provided for safe storage of client databases doing away with the need for maintaining large and heavy folders. Work was never as easy as before, quotes one of the owners of an Indian marriage bureau. Ease of handling and maintenance of client databases is one of the biggest opportunities offered by modern technology and each and every single marriage bureau has not missed grabbing it!

Personal Touch Factor

Digitization may have ushered in hundreds of online matrimonial websites. However, every reputed Indian family prefers to opt for a reputed marriage bureau in Mumbai rather than registering on matrimonial websites. This is because of the trust factor. The personal touch involved in an Indian marriage bureau has come into sharp focus and clients find the marriage bureaus more trustworthy.

Responsibility Factor

There is no emotional connect with the client in case of an online matrimonial website. There is no guarantee of the authenticity of client profiles. Incidences of fraud cannot be ruled out and there is no one to take responsibility. Marriage bureaus on the other hand take responsibility for their client profiles.

Challenges for Indian Marriage Bureaus

Keeping pace with developing technology is one of the major challenges faced by the Indian marriage bureau. It becomes necessary for every marriage bureau in Mumbai to keep abreast with latest technology and get updated to the newest and advanced software if they want to remain at the top. The reputation and skill of the matchmaker heading any Indian marriage bureau definitely is a weighing factor in deciding its popularity but remaining updated in the era of digitization can sometimes become a challenge!   

In any case, Indian marriage bureaus are here to stay and no amount of digitization is going to mar their popularity in any way!


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