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Dr. Priya Shah began matchmaking back in 1991 which started off as a social service with no fees within family, friends and social circle. Having gotten married at a young age of 18 years, she was determined to change the arranged marriage system. She believed that both people involved need to get a choice in their marriage, which was contrary to the beliefs at that time. Since she was interested in betterment of society through better relationships, she took on the role of a match maker and slowly started increasing the number of happy marriages around her. Probably with the blessings of those happy couples and as destiny would have it, Dr. Priya Shah's matchmaking activities kept growing and this motivated her to keep moving forward.

For the initial few years, it was a kind of social service being offered by Dr. Priya Shah as she wouldn't charge for her services. With the increasing number of happy matches, Dr. Priya's name as a match maker grew even more; through a number of referrals and word of mouth publicity that she gained. As the number of people wanting to avail of her services kept growing, she began to charge a nominal fee for her matchmaking. She worked with different people from different religions, castes, preferences, intellect and nature and built her expertise in matchmaking.

Marriage is often a matter of concern since it involves a commitment of a lifetime. Single people and their parents have a number of questions and are often confused. Dr. Priya Shah then started counselling these candidates and their parents to make these clients more prepared for marriage and ensure that they end up with the right life partner.

Since 1990, being a happily married woman herself, Dr. Priya Shah has learned a number of lessons through experiences in her own married life. In 2004, she then decided to document these learnings and pearls of wisdom and launched her own publication covering everything you need to know about marriage. As a true contribution to society, she decided to keep this publication free of cost!

Moreover, through over a decade of interaction with people contemplating marriage, counselling them and addressing their problems, she understood the concerns and thought process of candidates.

She wanted to pass on her knowledge and secrets to a happy married life through this publication. It covered various aspects such as adjustments into a new family, compromises and changes in one's life after marriage, balancing one's career and familial demands, tapping into the multi-tasking potential inherently found in women, raising children in today's contemporary times, and more.

While Dr. Priya Shah has a track record of making happy marriages, she also ensures that they are long lasting marriages. She is known for making the perfect match where couples commit to a lifetime of togetherness.

After realising how she could successfully help those who approach her and find a match for everyone, she asked herself how she could help others on a larger scale.

She had a strong burning desire to contribute towards Indian society, especially after our Indian's have settled all over the world - She wanted to do something for us Indians. And this was another driving factor behind launching this publication. This publication documented her experiences as well as that of her clients.

This is the first and only publication exclusively dedicated to marriages. It serves as a comprehensive knowledge book on marriage for Indians. This complete knowledge on marriage book is her gift to society as she firmly believes that happy marriages are the foundation of a bright future. The kind of lives couples lead, the arguments they have, is a direct example to their children and deeply impacts their outlook on marriage and life in general. It is therefore important to raise our children, the future of India with the right intellect, values and thought process; which first comes from their parents and upbringing – that is why Dr. Priya Shah felt it was imperative to publish this book on Marriage. In her words, ‘Happy marriages, make happy parents, make happy children, make better citizens of India!’

Social Life of Priya Shah As A Trustee Under Shri Jinendra Vaibhav Sanstha (Trust)

Child Education

Priya Shah is a trustee of Shri Jinendra Vaibhav Sanstha [trust] in India works for the welfare of poor and vulnerable children. Children of poor families, where both the parents go out to work, are the most vulnerable. Children's food, education and the health needs are neglected.
Priya Shah started the first child welfare program in 2000 with 10 children living in slums. Today She will support 100 children, between the age of 1 year to 8 years, from the slums and villages.

Food For Children

Priya Shah works in different places of slums and villages. These children came from poor families where both the parents working in construction or farm. During the working day, they are unable to take care of their children. These children are provided hot mid day meals, snacks in the evening, and pre-school education. Trained staff keeps the children engaged in recreational and learning activities.

She has Stopped Above 500 Child Marriages

Child marriage undermines global development efforts focused on creating more educated, healthier and economically stable populations.
To inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children, and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.Our vision a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation.

Priya Shah Has Saved More Then 2000 Divorce Case’s

Each member is verified with true information and their eligibility to be married with the qualified & professional candidate.
Priya Shah received Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi Award 2013 & Mother Teresa Excellence Award 2013. For her outstanding services to the society in the chosen field of Matrimony She was also Awarded with 'Nari Ratna' at International Women's day on 8th march'11

Shri Jinendra Vaibhav Sanstha [trust] (Dr. Priya Shah) helped Dharamvati Singh widow of an Indian soldier Lans Naik Hemraj Singh decapitated by Pakistani forces during the recent border clashes in Kashmir. Dr. Priya Shah helped their family with 11 lac rupees and made their children school and food free.

It is a tradition followed by Ms. Priya Shah to do charity on every year's Basant Panchami by arranging group marriage function for minimum 30+ needy couples families. Ms. Priya Shah also performs kanyadaan in these group marriage function for many of the brides.

Dr. Priya Shah in Jain Minority Press Conference Declared By Government.

Marriage of india

The Marriages of India

A complete knowledge about marriage for new generation. A wedding magazine written and published by Dr. Priya Shah The Match Maker.

Priya Shah's Biography

Dr. Priya Shah - M.A. & Ph.D. in Marriage Consultancy (U.S.A.) providing award winning matrimony service in India and Abroad.