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From many years, the Indians were abroad and settled there, but despite of that, they haven't forgotten the Indian culture rather, our culture is observed more among them than among us. Religions of Swaminarayan, Jainism, Shrikrishna are found there. Religious activities and festival like Shravan month, Ganesh utsav, Paryushan, Navratri, Diwali etc. are celebrated with great interest. Our Indians celebrate all their occasions irrespective of where they stay across the world. Similarly for the marriage, Indians first prefers as an Indian partner from their respective caste or native place only. For that they are coming to India and start enquire about educated candidates like Doctor, Engineer, MBA, CA, who wishes to settle down in America, hence our Indian culture is preserved.

On the other side some time they get the Indian candidate in their country, so they may get married in their itself, which become easier than getting a partner from India. For the same reason we have opened our branch “PRIYA SHAH THE MATCH MAKER", in New York. Priya Shah arrange get-to gather in New York and help to get the right partner for the right person staying in America itself. The main motto of her is to get the perfect choice from their place rather than coming to India.

We have also organized get-to gathers for N.R.I.s who are among the top industrialists with business across the world.

Arranging Get-to gathers in foreign cities like New York, California, etc.

Candidates are also introduced through the internet.

Click Here” to view our article published in Gujarat Times New York / Canada on 23rd July, 2010

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