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personal life of priya shah

I belong to an Jain Gujarati family in Mumbai. In our community, girls get married at early age and then in-law's support for higher education if needed, and I am one of them. I got married in 1991. The way arranged marriages use to happen was surprising for me as we did not get the luxury of options. Most of the girls had to marry their parents chose for her. I am lucky for my successful married life. But reason I started this marriage bureau was to give the best person possible with the choices. This leads to more satisfaction to couple and a beautiful life ahead. Its been 30 years since I started my marriage bureau and I have made many changes and evolved as a match maker. I have 27 years old son now allows me to focus completely on my passion, which is to give much more contributions to change and better the marriage and match making system, which I think is the most important part of my life.

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A complete knowledge about marriage for new generation. A wedding magazine written and published by Dr. Priya Shah The Match Maker.

Priya shah's biography

Priya Shah's Biography

Dr. Priya Shah - M.A. & Ph.D. in Marriage Consultancy (U.S.A.) providing award winning matrimony service in India and Abroad.