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How Priya Shah Works

Hi! I’m Priya Shah matrimonial expert from last 30 years! I provide matrimonial services for both domestic as well as international Indian Community serving all type of profiles, Irrelevant of caste, Community or country. This is how I build up my entire matrimonial community. And serving my clients from last thirty years. I have appeared twice in Forbes Magazine. Many times I have been asked the secret of my success!! So today I will answer this! - The moment people join my services! From that moment onwards! They instantly became my family! Second step which I feel is very important — I introduced my profiles with each other with complete information! Because I think by just seeing pictures and reading profiles can only give u the basic information about the profile!! And at first stage every profile has complete information! I talk to the girl and boy personally! Talk to their parents! Find out every small detail about the families! Try to know more and more about my client! Believe me sometimes even I get very surprised to see so many qualities in my clients which generally are not mentioned in profile!! I personally feel that these profiles are not job profiles! Here you are going to spend your life with that person! Many times seeing just the profiles and pictures my clients have rejected them! But when I share their qualities which are based on my research unapproved profiles get approved!! Here I would strongly suggest to everyone who is registered with matrimonial services you must have meeting either on zoom or personally. Because just pics and profiles alone can’t describe the personality of that person! Only after first meet and with few phone calls one can have the idea of that person.

I’m extremely passionate about my profession! So I personally take hundred percent interest in smallest of details of my client! I assure my sincerity towards their work by regularly sending them the screen shots of my conversation with the families. And I constantly update myself about the progress to my clients!

I consider every single profile very important and close to my heart!

Because I know my clients personally! So I’m always in a position to convince my clients wholeheartedly in order to have one meeting at least! If they disapprove any profile just on the basis of profile and pictures here my real job starts i.e.to tell each other about the qualities of the girl or boy! And that part I do with hundred percent honesty. Many times I witnessed that the profiles which get disapproved initially get approved with my convincing and feed back!!

Then comes - my intuition which is very strong! So I rarely go wrong. About the compatibility of two families! Not only boy and girl! Because I feel this is marriage between two families!! So there compatibility is also must!!

I think today I have given the answer of this frequently asked questions and I hope this says it all about the secret behind my success story!! Bless u all! Love u all

Atyour service! Always!! PRIYA SHAH

Marriage of India

The Marriages of India

A complete knowledge about marriage for new generation. A wedding magazine written and published by Dr. Priya Shah The Match Maker.

Priya shah's biography

Priya Shah's Biography

Dr. Priya Shah - M.A. & Ph.D. in Marriage Consultancy (U.S.A.) providing award winning matrimony service in India and Abroad.