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Hema Malini and Priya Shah

Hema Malini & Priya Shah

I, Priya Shah, am overwhelmed to present the first English edition of my magazine “The Marriages of India". The philosophy of our Indian culture says that life is divided into four parts, Bramcharya Ashram, Grasth Ashram, Vanprast Ashram and Sanyasth Ashram. Vanprast and Sanyasth Ashram have a very precious and worthy status but the most imporatant is the Grahasth Ashram. To enter into the experiences of Grahasth Ashram, marriage is an important act. In the present times, marriage has become a very difficult issue. Parents and their respective children go through tremendous stress in marriage related problems. To get married or to celebrate a good wedding ceremony or even to maintain a good marriage life is a very challenging fact. How to lead a successful marriage life and how to live happily with your family are subjects talked about in our magazine. “PRIYA SHAH THE MATCH MAKER" keeps reforming itself year after year. In order to create awareness for a healthy and happy married life for today's younger generation, I have taken the initiative to introduce my magazine called “The Marriages of India". I hope this magazine will be of great help to the girls and boys of today's generation to lead a happy married life.

Today, the young generation uses the online dating system where they end up chatting with random people which leads to inappropriate decisions of marriage without seriously understanding or getting to know each other well. This results in fights, arguments and ultimately legal separation.

It is very important that both boys and the girls select correct partners for marriage. A life-partner who is supportive, understanding, caring and above all someone who will live with them under all kinds of circumstances, without any pride or prejudices.

Hence, to bring all the awareness for a healthy and happy married life for today's younger generation, I have taken this opportunity to introduce this magazine called “The Marriages of India".

The main purpose of my magazine “The Marriages of India" is to solve the main problem in our society viz. Late marriages, Divorces or No Marriages. Today's young generation boys and girls think that they are self-made, well settled in life and have freedom to live their lives independently. This is really something seriously to think about. If this thinking of today's youth continues, then the future of this generation is really going to be furious, like No Marriages and hence No Children. This is illeteracy in younger generation towards marriage.

I hope this magazine will be a great help to the girls and boys of today's generation to lead happiest married life.

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The marriages of India 5th edition

5th Edition (2016 - 2017)

The Latest Or 5th Edition of “The Marriages of India”, 2016

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The marriages of India

The Marriages of India

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