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Get Togethers

We are the pioneers for conducting get-to gather for prospective brides and grooms both in Mumbai as well as in New York.

For the last 30 years, our marriage bureau is organizing get-to gather for high profile, highly educated and well settled families.

Over 112 get-to gather have been conducted till date with an overwhelming response providing hundreds of people to find their perfect-partners.

Our meetings are mostly arranged in Seven-star and Five-star Hotels only, as our clients are highly sophisticated.

The main motto behind organizing such get-to gather is to give the brides and grooms a choice to choose from in less time. After all, variety is the spice of life! Right?

More than 100 candidates attend the get-to gathers. The complete details of the candidate along with their family details are provided on the spot. In fact, we also have horoscope matching taking place at the same time. Personal meetings are also held so the candidates get to know about each other better.

Select your perfect Dream life partner under one roof with a wider choice.

We match similar life style, similar status, similar education, similar IQ level, similar cast 1st choice.

Nowadays parents have very busy schedule in social life and business commitments and children busy for their carriers, so it's not possible to meet individual one-one family.

It takes lots of time to meet 40 families. So we provide 40 families at a time in a day, to take decisions & comparison too. Each & every family.

Grand Ballroom, JW Marriott

Get - Together




Get - Together

Lavish Dinner After Get - Together At JW, Marriott

Lavish Dinner After Get - Together At JW, Marriott


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