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Priya Shah

Hi, I'm Priya Shah, I'm running an international marriage bureau for last 30 years. Now, after lots of research, to make couples from all over the world where no religion, cast & country matters. The only thing matters is that two souls meet. Our motto is to get close the world and create unity between humans. For this it is necessary that there are no differences in any human.

Through marriage, I will be able to solve the differences in the future generation, it will help this type of combined marriages, especially Indian with American, American with Russian and many more. My research says that for new generation, we should help in making couples that represent pure love and which will be described as pure marriage. A healthy marriage is more important for kids. So now, no matter of who you are an Indian or a Pakistani, American or Japanese, you can find your soul mate from all over the globe through us, we will help you.

Our main focus is to avoid gap between countries, as nowadays, new technology like the internet-google have almost lessen these gaps, but when two different people get married, this gap gets lessened day by day. My motto is to convey that there is One Universe, there is One World.

The Marriages of India

A complete knowledge about marriage for new generation. A wedding magazine written and published by Dr. Priya Shah The Match Maker.

Priya Shah's Biography

Dr. Priya Shah - M.A. & Ph.D. in Marriage Consultancy (U.S.A.) providing award winning matrimony service in India and Abroad.