I want to convey a very important message to all parents worldwide who are seeking eligible partners for their marriageable sons or daughters. Parents invest crores of rupees in their children's weddings, choosing a memorable destination for the marriage event, trousseaus for girls, and many other things. They even spend a lot of money after their marriage.

Before that, however, I want to tell parents that if they have to hire a matchmaker and pay fees, they should not think twice but go ahead and hire them because finding the suitable or right partner for their son or daughter is critical. If the matchmaker introduces you to 20 good boys and girls, your children will have a choice to select their own best partner for their life. This choice can potentially develop into a romantic relationship, and they will be happy for a lifetime, which is essential. However, spending extravagantly to make a grand event for a wedding does not guarantee happiness

Through Priya Shah you get proper reference till past 3 generation from girls n boys side that's is very imp for marriage.


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All the memberships are under personalise & confidential matchmaking service.

Categories as below
Rs. 3.50 Lacs ($4194) for Upper Middle Class, Professionally qualified (Personalized and confidential)
Rs. 5.50 Lacs ($6591) for High Profile , Professionally qualified (Personalized and confidential)
Rs. 11 Lacs ($13182) for Elite Class , Professionally qualified

Rs. 25 Lacs ($29961) for Ultra Rich Family, Professionally qualified
Rs. 50 Lacs ($59922) for special match making service for those who needs only top 1000 families in india & abroad. Professionally qualified (*only for all hindus.)
Rs. 75 Lacs ($89883) for special match making service for those who needs only top 100 families in india & abroad. Professionally qualified (*only for all hindus.)
Rs. 1 crore ($119837) for our Indian royal family members i.e. Indian king n queen daughter n son. We have had privilege of doing match making and successfull marriages in our Indian royal families in past 32 years. Priya Shah is personally in touch with each n every royal family from all over India.
Please email biodata and pictures at themarriagesofindia@hotmail.com
Membership fee is non-refundable

The categorization of individuals is important because every candidate has the right to marry someone of a similar status and lifestyle background. It is necessary to know the family status and lifestyle background of a potential life partner to ensure a perfect match for every candidate. Priya Shah treats her prospective partners as family members, and therefore, it is crucial to consider the family status and background when selecting a life partner for her.

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Priya Shah's Biography

Dr. Priya Shah - M.A. & Ph.D. in Marriage Consultancy (U.S.A.) providing award winning matrimony service in India and Abroad.