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Q: Who is Priya Shah?

A: Priya Shah, a renowned, reputed Match Maker since 1991.




Q: What does Priya Shah do?

A: Priya Shah runs an esteemed Marriage Bureau in Mumbai currently where Priya Shah finds a perfect match for an individual knowing and understanding his/her perceptions for his partner for life.

Q: Why did Priya Shah start a Marriage Bureau?

A: Priya Shah believes and strongly proposes the idea of arranging marriages. Since the year 1991 Priya Shah wanted to create awareness about the arranged marriage system and promote our ancestor tradition of arranged marriage which was always the best way to marry. Priya Shah, an activist that she is by nature with this thought in mind established her Marriage Bureau in 1991. Priya Shah’s Marriage Bureau is her venture for a social cause.

Q: Why did Priya Shah not promote online portal for marriage?

A: Priya Shah asserts that online portals are meant for business and according to her marriage is definitely not a business. Marriage as believed in our country is an institution which is so holy and pure, so making it a business would be doing wrong with our society, our customs and our traditions. We cannot put our personal details on such online portals as thy might be misused these days especially for girls. Priya Shah says that references on these online portals may also be fake and might sometimes be harmful for the prospective candidates.

Q: Why Priya Shah runs her Marriage Bureau all by herself?

A: Priya Shah Suggests that as a patient goes to the best doctor for his heart surgery and would not want the doctor's assistant to operate. Similarly marriages also need to dealt from the heart and she asserts that Priya Shah her experience and judgement is by for the best in her field as she runs her marriage bureau with lots of passion and dedication to her work. Priya Shah believes that marriage is an important aspect of every persons life so it needs utmost personal attention and care which only she can do it and can’t rely totally on any staff for this.

Q: Why do well known Industrialist Business Tycoons look forward to Priya Shah The Match Maker?

A: Priya Shah always from the beginning has developed a bond with her clients. She always looked forward to an educated and qualified person as Priya Shah believes that they have a better understanding and know the importance of their choice as a life partner. An educated mind is always easy to explain as well as understand is what Priya Shah says that in today’s competitive world everyone looks forward for a well settled, well educated and well established person may it be a girl or a boy. A well settled person has a good standard of living and so problems in marriage reduce in number. Priya Shah also believes that well educated person can have a happy marriage life and also teach his children good values and is always an understanding and matured life partner. Asserting to this, Priya Shah of 31 years always had targeted only well educated, well known people as she can build a nice life for them and they feel happy to choose Priya Shah The Match Maker for finding their correct match. Priya Shah also maintains complete confidentiality of all her client dairies. Priya Shah is thus the first choice of her clients as she keeps all their personal data and details totally confidential till the current date.

Q: Why Priya Shah doesn’t have any competitor?

A: Priya Shah looks forward and has always welcomed all changes warmly. She has adapted herself with the current generation and their thoughts, opinions and ideas. She is not only a Match Maker but has an expertise in selecting the best suited match for her clients. Some call that she has god gifted talent to show correctly judge and find the correct match so that it never fails and she has a record of all successful marriages in her career. Priya Shah has own idea, own mind and she have proven this by inviting all candidates in a get together event under one roof which nobody does it these days. Priya Shah has also written a magazine for young boys and girls making a stepping stone in their new marital abode, giving them her valuable advice and sharing her experience with them so that they can have a happy married life. Priya Shah has also done her PHD in match making and so is the best advisor for all young couples in marital bliss.

Q: Why Priya Shah isn't promoting her brand name from last 31 years?

A: Priya Shah says she doesn’t want and isn’t interested in getting acquainted with the unknown crowd as people who don’t know her and her work would not be able to trust her fully. She always believed in mouth to mouth publicity and happy customers suggesting her name to other friends and relatives. Priya Shah has always had lots of clients by word of mouth publicity. She has achieved her success by her handwork and the relation she has built with her clients. That is why she does her work passionately and with deep involvement as naturally she makes her clients satisfied and thus she needs no marketing as she doesn’t run to work but her clients run for her and her valuable work.

Q: Why Priya Shah’s fees so higher than other Marriage Bureaus or Matrimonial sites?

A: Priya Shah says she started her work with nominal fees of Rs.251 in the year 1991 which was just a token for all her services. But with progressing years and her work, growing in leaps and bonds she needed to bring change in her work style Priya Shah arrange client get to gathers in 5 star hotels and she spends money to make her client availability of the best facilities and so she needed to raise her fees. Priya Shah also has open branches in USA, Dubai so that her valuable services can be extended to clients thereto. Moreover Priya Shah works 24 x 7 x 365 days of a year with complete focus on her work and client satisfaction, the reward for which she truly deserves.

Q: Why Priya Shah different than other Matrimonial’s?

A: Priya Shah handles all her clients personally on a one to one basis keeping their details confidential. Priya Shah understands the client first by speaking personally to them and once she knows the client she selects the few best suited match for them. Priya Shah believes that in today's world when everyone is busy we cannot waste a client's time by showing him matches which would never be his/her choice. Priya Shah thus doesn’t trust anyone with her work and does all her work by herself with no staff. No staff means all client details strictly confidential.

Q: What services are provided by Priya Shah?

A: Priya Shah maintains confidentiality of her clients, meet her every client on a one to one basis. Priya Shah provides group meetings too, so that sometime clients get a wider choice. She also arranges for get to gather in a 5 star hotel for her clients to meet conveniently under one roof. Priya Shah also writes in Wedding Magazines giving her expert word there for her clients and highlighting experiences of happy married life and save divorces or breakups.

Q: Why is Priya Shah so popular in rich market?

A: Priya Shah has successfully accomplished lots of happy marriages in the business world. She maintains their confidentiality and so clients have always appreciated her working methods. Priya Shah has gained a name for herself in the market. She has worked with the many celebrities and top notch personnel in the industry and never revealed their names and so she is always their number one choice and deals with the understanding they are looking forward to.

Q: What kind of crowd Priya Shah deals with?

A: Priya Shah ever since she has started her venture has mostly worked with educated, qualified clientele like doctors, engineers as they are well settled and are well cultured with good family backgrounds. These points are important keys to a happy and successful marriage as an educated partner can understand better and lead a happy life. Priya Shah propagates that a complete family is achieved when an educated couple not only understand each other, but also raise their offspring also with good values and culture. This is the reason why Priya Shah has always dealt with educated and qualified personnel.

Q: Why has Priya Shah never declared about her client list till date?

A: Priya Shah says that marriage is a personal matter in everyone’s life and needs to done under wraps. This is the reason why Priya Shah keeps all her client names completely confidential and never uses them even for publicity or marketing reasons. Priya Shah has always got clients with mouth to mouth publicity and suggested by her happy clients.

Q: Achievements of Priya Shah The Match Maker since 1991-2015.

A: 1. Awards
2. Magazine write-ups
3. Short film documentary
4. M.A and Ph.D degree

Q: Why did Priya Shah launch a wedding magazine?

A: Priya Shah a total society maker has always set her values before her work and so strongly asserts in a no divorce system. In order to get this thought accomplished Priya Shah through her write ups share her thoughts and experience with marriageable age boys and girls. Her magazine spread knowledge and awareness in the society about the Indian marriage system and the values of it too.

Q: Why is Priya Shah Opening a branch in USA?

A: Priya Shah has observed over her working years that boys and girls residing in USA face difficulties when they fly down to India for a more twenty days and have to select a partner due to family pressures. Marriage being a major decision in a person’s life can’t be taken in haste and without understanding the opposite partner. Marriages ended in this manner up in divorce and battered relations. Keeping this in her mind Priya Shah started her branch in USA to facilitate boys and girls abroad to take their time in selecting their partners.

Q: Why Priya Shah The Match Maker include nobody from the market?

A: Priya Shah has always worked with passion ad with her soul in her profession. She never looked forward for numbers that she has accomplished 9000 marriages but she always wants that all marriages were by her success. She has saved many marriages too, this shows that she isn’t just like those marriage bureaus who work only for money and just get the marriage done even though the match isn’t suitable. Other marriage bureaus charge fees once the marriage is done as once the marriage is done, they aren’t concerned, but Priya Shah takes advance fees and in case she finds the candidate hiding something or the family not good enough she immediately returns their money as she doesn’t believe in doing unmatched marriages and just earning money.

Q: Nowadays its getting difficult to find a groom or a bride.

A: According to Priya Shah its not only now, but since the time she started her career its always been difficult for her to find a groom or a bride as she believes in finding the best and the perfect match. She always tells the parents to be patient and not to hurry in finding a match as she strongly opposes the idea of separation or divorce in future. Priya Shah asserts that its better to get married later than to end up separating from your partner. Priya Shah is therefore always stressed about finding a proper, apt and best suited match for her clients.

Q: Why we select priya shah the match maker ???

A: coz priya shah believe own destiny she made own so she never told to clinte for partner never compromised n take your own time u get right partner till wait no hurry at alll n priya shah always support n understand clinte feeling being young she understand well so she gave wider choice to clinte n she never force to clinte to meet groom or bride.

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