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Priya shah Match Maker. Juhu scheme, Mumbai.

Membership means to provide bio data of boys and girls to each other by email, up to when she or he gets engaged within a period of one years. Priya Shah, Not giving any kind of promise to anyone for getting married. Only provides bio data and pictures of boys and girls for matrimony purposes. Membership is only to exchange the profiles to boys and girls respectively, do not promise anyone for a meeting, that will be done by exchanging the profiles & permission of both the parties, not forcefully. We are not promising for any particular number/numbers of the profile/profiles in a month/year or per week or per day to any members. If any one assumes anything, that all is not bound to Priya Shah or the bureau. Membership amount is not refundable after receiving biodata or in any case, to any member and member is agreed to above terms of Priya Shah The Matchmaker bureau, and details of their bio data given by he/she or on his/her behalf is true.

The Marriages of India

A complete knowledge about marriage for new generation. A wedding magazine written and published by Dr. Priya Shah The Match Maker.

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Dr. Priya Shah - M.A. & Ph.D. in Marriage Consultancy (U.S.A.) providing award winning matrimony service in India and Abroad.